New Era Wrestling
Xander Creed

Xander Creed

Hollywood CA

1 Time Primos Wrestling Tag Team Champion

New Era Internet Champion


Curtain Call (Blue Thunder Power Bomb)

Take A Bow (Full Nelson Powerslam)

Prime Time (Splash to the back)

From the very start, Xander Kreed has possessed the natural ability to entertain. Weither there was a microphone in his hand, a stage to perform on or camera to play to, Mr. Entertainment has always drawn the attention of other towards him. His first acting venture started when he was only 5 years old & continued on from there. He later attended an art school to further his passion for acting, which is where he picked up the skills to be a writer, a director &  began to make his move towards his ultimate goal, film! On stage, Xander Kreed was an undeniable talent. Shakespeare was one of Xanders favorite playwrites & caught onto it at an impressively young age. He was a regular performer at The Colorado Shakespeare Festival for almost 10 years. Xander Kreed has had many accomplishments on stage, from portraying almost every male character Shakespeare has written to staring in A Street Car Named Desire by playing the role of Stanley, a role made famous by Marlon Brando. Xanders love for stage shall always remain, but his true passion is film. He made is transition to film & bursted onto the independent acting scene with impressive force. Starring in short films that have headlined film festivals in multiple states & countries, starting a webseries, going back to his roots by joining former acting school colleagues in an up & coming acting group & even having roles written specifically for him. Xander Kreed was well on his way towards one of his passions, but something was missing. Along the years Xander Kreed had been balancing acting & sports. He was a multiple threat in American Football on both sides of the ball, he was a forceful threat on the mat for amateur wrestling & a dedicated captain of the swim team. Xander Kreed was an active athelete & developed a new sense of competitive nature due to his hard work, dedication & the grueling training of sports. With this burning inside him, the urge to compete became stronger than ever. Xander decided that it was time for him to venture towards his other passion. A passion he had since he was a child. A passion he knew that once he could sink his teeth into it, nothing could hold him back. That passion, is Professional Wrestling! Now, watch as the tale of Xander Kreed is played out before your very eyes! Xander Kreed is young, dominate, passionate & most importantly, Entertaining!