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Tournament Odds!

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

If i was a betting man...I would listen to this man

A Look into the #1 Contenders Tournament by Thaddeus Free

After the final bell rang to signify the end of 'A Hot Summer's Night,' the field is now set for the next round of the tournament to crown a new #1 contender for the New Era Heavyweight championship. We are left with four competitors going into the second round and we are here to look over the final four and see what each competitor brings to the table, as well as what may hold them back from winning the tournament. Duff Doyle: Why He'll Win Duff Doyle brings a wealth of experience to the tournament, with well over 15 years of in ring experience, and many championships won along the way. He also trains religiously, honing his craft while teaching the next generation. Duff has the support of the Duff Doyle militia firmly behind him and the former champion is looking to reclaim the gold he previously held. Duff Doyle: Why He'll Lose While Duff Doyle has the support of the crowd, he is a man that wears his heart on his sleeve. He has spent the majority of the last few years focusing on feuds instead of regaining the championship. If this isn't personal to Duff Doyle, is he truly at his best? Lypto: Why He'll Win Lypto is the man with the most to gain in this tournament, as has never held a championship in New Era Wrestling. That makes him the hungriest of the field. As he has proven with his betrayal of the Lucha Dawgs, he is willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He also has a background in sambo, which can help him stand out in the battles to come. Lypto: Why He'll Lose While Lypto is willing to do whatever it takes to win, his willingness to break the rules could lead to his downfall. Lypto has the in-ring acumen to win the tournament, but as shown in his first-round match with H.A.M., who was able to avoid Lypto's attempt to use his chain, he is quick to cheat where he could use his tremendous ability to secure the win. Jason Noel: Why He'll Win Jason Noel was a last-minute addition to the tournament, replacing the injured Bruce Rogers. The man who has almost two decades of experience as well as the longest reigning champion in any division is looking to claim his first New Era Heavyweight title. He is also looking to redeem himself after his run with the 5280 title led to him doing things that he wasn't proud of. The man with the crazy eyes seems more focused then he has in a long time, and that focus could be his key to victory. Jason Noel: Why He'll Lose Jason Noel is a big match player who always delivers when the chips are down. He has proven that in both his historic run as 5280 champion and his near yearlong feud with Arik Angel. However, the one goal that he has not attained in his time in the company has been the New Era Championship. As the only original member of the roster still in the tournament who has received multiple shots at the title over the years, this has to weigh heavy on the mind of the Natural Athlete. Adrian Grimm: Why He'll Win Adrian Grimm brings a presence to the tournament. The man dubbed 'The Immortal' brings with him a sense of dread and despair that many times guarantees him victory before he locks up with his opponent. Let alone that when he does enter the ring, there are very few that find the type of joy that Grimm does in inflicting pain of their opponents. Unlock everyone who advanced in the tournament, he also has the backing of the Dungeon, which may lock him in as a favorite to win it all. Adrian Grimm: Why He'll Lose Adrian Grimm is a born leader, but one might wonder about his desire to be champion, as opposed to using the title to change the very face of New Era Wrestling in his own terrifying visage. Looking at the bigger picture, Adrian Grimm as New Era Heavyweight Champion may be a worst-case scenario for all involved. With both the second round and the finals occurring on July 16th at 'Red, White, and Bruised,' the final four competitors will have to win two matches in one night to move on to the main event of the 11th Anniversary show to challenge for the New Era Heavyweight championship. It will be a long difficult journey ahead, but with the richest prize in New Era Wrestling on the line, these four men stand on the precipice of greatness.

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