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Jeremy Steen Interviews Mac Battle

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Another hard hitting interview from our in house journalist

JS: Why have you stepped away from active competition?

MB: Unfortunately, injuries to my shoulder and back have really caught up with me lately. I want to be at my best for in-ring competition, and I’m unable to perform at the level I expect of myself at the moment. It’s a loss for the fans, obviously, but I don’t feel I owe them anything anyway.

JS: Will we be seeing you return to the ring?

MB: Maybe. I wouldn’t say never, but it’s not something I’m focusing on right now. I want to put my energy into my partnership with Cody and making that successful before I consider anything else. Plus, me and Cody tag teaming would be just plain unfair to everyone else.

JS: What is your association with Cody Devine?

MB: He’s my greatest opponent, and my best friend. Through the matches

we’ve had, I could tell that we had similar ideas for success, and we

finally got together a few months ago to decide what that would look

like. We both have grand visions for the future and are totally locked-in

on what we want out of the Hard Way.

JS: You seem to be growing your group by attempting to add Logan to your

team, although he seems a bit hesitant?

MB: People are often tentative when presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.

Logan is young and has the world at his fingertips – he just needs a guiding hand.

I’ve actually been in discussion with him in the time between our most recent events,

and I think I’m getting through to him. I’ll spare the

details – as if I’d tell you my trade secrets anyway – but I think Logan’s

starting to see things our way.

JS: You've got Devine and Logan teaming against Duff Doyle and Villi 5.2 at the March 12th “Smashed” event, what are your reasons for this match?

MB: Do I need a reason to want to see Duff get kicked in the face? laughs We see this as an opportunity. Logan was hesitant, like you said, but this will be a great chance for Cody and I to show him that this can work. Once he gets that taste of victory and opens his eyes to what his life could be, he’ll be fully onboard. I think other wrestlers in the back will, too.

JS: Perhaps someone outside of New Era?

MB: Well not to pull the curtain back too far, but let’s just say some calls have

already been made…

What are you long term plans for the Hard Way?

MB: Domination. We’re going to hold every championship in New Era, and you can

bet on that. I want to show everyone that things can be better. No more pandering

to the yokels in orange or the unwashed barking masses – there’s a better way.

We are better than that. You and everyone else are about to see that firsthand.

JS: Thank you for your time, any final word?

MB: I got something for the Duff Doyle Militia, but you wouldn’t

be able to print it online. Instead, I’ll have to settle for the

look of shock and disappointment when Logan and Cody knock

him and Villi down a few pegs (or in Villi’s case, a few millimeters).

Duff and Villi still have time to forfeit before “Smashed”, and

that’s the smart move. They should do things the easy

way… otherwise, we’ll do things the Hard Way.xt


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